Riding in Circles of Various Size

Cycling is my passion and here in Tucson I'm able to get my fix all year long. I love the cycling community and its culture which is why I ride my bike. I like pushing my limits physically which is why I race my bike. Improvement takes time, it's a process and must be taken one day at a time.

If you have a question or comment drop me a line, I'm always learning something about this beautiful sport of ours and I'm happy to share my thoughts and opinions.




From a while ago, but it will never not be amazing.

Quentin Jauregui makes a CX-style bike change in a road race, in road shoes, executed so smoothly that if you blinked, you’ll have to watch it again.

(I think I first saw it on inrng: http://inrng.tumblr.com/post/32112414638/bikechange)

This is an amazing bike change. I literally had to watch it twice to see what really happens.