Riding in Circles of Various Size

Cycling is my passion and here in Tucson I'm able to get my fix all year long. I love the cycling community and its culture which is why I ride my bike. I like pushing my limits physically which is why I race my bike. Improvement takes time, it's a process and must be taken one day at a time.

If you have a question or comment drop me a line, I'm always learning something about this beautiful sport of ours and I'm happy to share my thoughts and opinions.

Windy with a chance for haboob #cycling  #TT #DirtStorm
Shoe covers in July #cycling #TT
This mornings ride through the green desert
Mid-ride rest stop (at Gathering Grounds)
All dressed up to fight the man.
Making the best of yet another flight cancelation. #patience (at Barcuterie)
Putting in the work while where I can. Not my preferred type of bike but it’s better than nothing. #cycling #workout
Training Stress Score 
Above is  a screen shot of a graph in Golden Cheetah representing my fitness over time. It starts when I started my last macro-cycle of training (12-9) and ends yesterday (6-21).
If you are not familiar with training using a power meter you may not be familiar with the concepts surrounding TSS. TSS is a way of quantifying how hard any given ride is relative to your fitness. Now that we have a way of quantifying the difficulty of workouts you can keep track of how much fatigue you are accumulating. The blue line in the graph shows the short term training load which is based on your  workouts over the last 7-10 days. The green line is the long term training load which is based on your workouts over the last 6 weeks and is a good representation of how much fitness you have. The black line is the long term minus the short term which represents how fatigued you are (the lower the number the more tired you are likely to be).
As you can see since I’ve taken the last 6 weeks pretty easy my fitness has come down quite far  while my fatigue rating has come up quite high. This would explain why I feel so energized when I get on the bike, but tire much quicker than I did back in April when I raced the Tour of the Gila. Now I just need to work to get my fitness back to and above where it was this spring. 


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And here I thought roadies were bad at staying on their bikes come race day.

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The first screenshot pretty much sums up last nights FTP test, while the second shows why it went so poorly. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that after taking the last month and a half really easy that I start to fade after five or so minutes but a 10% loss in power is frustrating. I’m hoping that most of it will come back fairly quickly. 

mari-musing replied to your post “mari-musing replied to your photo“During the warm up before I flunked…”
I’m suspect your fail would be a win for many. I’ve always found power tests too demoralizing, even scaled for age & gender. Even slow rides are hard right now - my asthma has been playing up & I barely budged the spirometer today 
Agreed, my power numbers would have been seen as a win for some people out there. As for comparison’s sake I only really judge my performance against my previous performance. Sometimes it’s neat to see what others can do but the real goal is to improve upon myself so their numbers are simply interesting to see. 

Sorry to hear about the asthma, I hope the slow rides are still enjoyable, after all that is the real reason for throwing a leg over the thing.
Liking the pic not the flunking
Thankfully there is only one way to increase my score and it involves riding my bike. Those are the tests worth failing. 
During the warm up before I flunked my FTP test. #cycling #ftp #fail

5 Random Facts About Me

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  1. I have lived in Tucson, AZ my entire life.
  2. During the day I am an electrical engineer working in the semiconductor industry.
  3. I started riding bikes as an adult in January of 2011, and completed my first hundred plus mile event during the 2011 El Tour de Tucson (November).
  4. I love to read only slightly less than I love to ride my bike. I’m currently reading Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series (I fell in love with it as a kid and now that it is finally complete I’m going to finish it)
  5. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have two dogs which are practically children. Albeit children you can leave outside all day while your at work or riding your bike. 

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“Gaining weight won’t make you miserable.
Fear of gaining weight, however, will.”


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Focus on good fuel - not starving yourself. Your weight is your weight.

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This is something I’ve been struggling with myself. I’ve gained a few pounds during my little off season and it has been bothering me that I can’t shed it as quickly as I’d like. Even though I know that I’m still at a healthy weight and the only reason to lose it is to race up hills faster I still feel miserable when I don’t stick to my daily allowance. So I’ve been trying to convince myself not to fret over it, it’s TT season and stressing won’t do me any good anyways.

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