Riding in Circles of Various Size

Cycling is my passion and here in Tucson I'm able to get my fix all year long. I love the cycling community and its culture which is why I ride my bike. I like pushing my limits physically which is why I race my bike. Improvement takes time, it's a process and must be taken one day at a time.

If you have a question or comment drop me a line, I'm always learning something about this beautiful sport of ours and I'm happy to share my thoughts and opinions.

Into the storm #cycling #Odile
Found this little guy stuck in my headphones after this mornings ride. #howthehell?
Bring it Odile!
Little people playing on a big field. #UofA #peewee #football
Post race cheese and crackers (and salami and left over pizza…).
Shaved another 35 seconds off my PR for my last 30km. #cycling #TT #Trisports
The team warming up for today’s time trials. #Trisports
Why did the tortoise cross the road?

 I have no idea but he was very intent on doing so.
Night time mantis
Bear Down! (at Arizona Stadium)
U of A football is back! (at Arizona Stadium)
Trisports representing at the three bear time trial.
The things you find on a ride.
What a great day for a rest day!
Instead of riding in today’s rainy weather (which I usually look forward to) I’m eating this tasty salad. I know rule #5 and all… but sometimes your body quietly tells you to pack it in and its best to listen before it starts screaming it at you. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be better.